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MARCH 4, 2020

Lucky 0.19 is out now.

Lucky v0.19. Support for Crystal 0.33.0, attribute change tracking, and performance improvements.

Lucky v0.19 is now out and works with the newest version of Crystal (v0.33.0)

Be sure to upgrade your version of Crystal, and take a look at our UPGRADE NOTES for help with migrating your app.

# What’s new?

This release includes bug fixes, enhancements, doc improvements, and new features. You can see a full list on our CHANGELOG.

Here are some of the most important enhancements.

# Change tracking

Somtimes you want to perform an action only if certain attributes change, or you may want to audit changes to database attributes. This is now simple to do with the new change tracking methods on attributes:

class SaveUser < User::SaveOperation
  permit_columns email, admin

  before_save do
    if admin.changed?(to: true)
      # Send an email, add permissions, etc.

    if name.changed? name.original_value, to: name.value)

View more details in the change tracking guide.

# Built-in Gzipping (compression) of static assets

By default Lucky’s webpack setup will now compress assets with Gzip when in production. Lucky’s new will look for gzipped assets and use those if the client accepts Gzipped content. The handler can also be customized to look for assets compressed with other algorithms like Brotli.

# Built-in Gzipping of text responses

Text responses like HTML, JSON, and XML are now Gzipped by default when in production. This can be disabled if you have something in front of Lucky that handles gzipping, but making this the default out of the box experience means people should have an even easier time making high performance applications with Lucky.

# Parting words

We’re very excited about this release, and hope you are too. Please give it a spin and help us find bugs so our next release is even more solid. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to report the issue. If you’re unsure, just hop on gitter chat so we can help you out.

Thanks so much for the support!

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