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APRIL 24, 2024Another milestone reached with Lucky 1.2.0

We're well in to 2024 now. Crystal 1.12 is out, and so is Lucky 1.2.0. Let's check out all of the great new features and updates.

OCTOBER 31, 2023Welcome Michael, and Lucky 1.1.0

Let's officially welcome Michael to the Core team, and break down the latest Lucky 1.1.0 release, then discuss what's coming up in the future.

MARCH 14, 2023Announcing the official release of Lucky 1.0.0!

We're excited to finally announce the official release of Lucky 1.0.0! Read more on what this release brings, and a roadmap for what is to come in the future.

OCTOBER 1, 2022Lucky begins the 1.0 ascent with the first release candidate

Lucky 1.0.0-rc1 has been released, and it's a huge milestone for the framework and community.

APRIL 11, 2022Small updates with a huge step forward

Lucky 0.30 is one of our smaller releases, but it takes a huge step forward with the inclusion of automated security testing.

DECEMBER 8, 2021Happy Holidays and welcome Lucky 0.29

The Lucky 0.29 release brings us many more quality of life updates, bug fixes, and a few new features to really make your app solid.

JULY 26, 2021Lucky v0.28 is out and full of QoL updates, and features

With the recent Crystal Conf behind us, we were able to finish up this release for Lucky 0.28 and compatibility with Crystal 1.1.0! Let's recap the conference, and highlight some of the changes.

APRIL 12, 2021Lucky v0.27 Brings compatibility with Crystal 1.0

Crystal 1.0.0 is out! 🥳 And Lucky 0.27.0 is fully compatible with it.

FEBRUARY 8, 2021Lucky v0.26 Released and ready to go!

Lucky v0.26 is the latest release, and loaded with some fun goodies!

DECEMBER 18, 2020Lucky v0.25 is hot off the press, and there's a lot!

Lucky v0.25 is out. A ton has changed, and we're full steam ahead to 1.0!

SEPTEMBER 8, 2020Lucky v0.24 is out, and it's another step closer to 1.0!

Lucky v0.24 is out. A few new features, bug fixes, improved performance, and more!

JUNE 30, 2020Lucky v0.23 is out, and it's huge!

Lucky v0.23 is out now. Lots of new features, bug fixes, improved performance, more powerful tests, and more!

APRIL 22, 2020Lucky v0.21 introduces a beautiful new log experience.

Lucky v0.21 is out now. This release is a straightforward upgrade that adds new Log methods and improvements to the logs in dev.

APRIL 13, 2020Lucky v0.20 is one of our biggest releases yet.

Lucky v0.20 has built-in pagination, AvramSlugify for generating slugs, built-in soft delete helpers, and much more.

MARCH 4, 2020Lucky 0.19 is out now.

Lucky v0.19. Support for Crystal 0.33.0, attribute change tracking, and performance improvements.

OCTOBER 7, 2019Lucky 0.18 is out now.

Lucky v0.18 introduces many improvements to building JSON APIs. Better serialization, built-in JWT auth, and improved error handling.

AUGUST 19, 2019Lucky 0.17 has been released!

Lucky v0.17 is a huge release with many enhancements to Avram, Lucky's ORM, as well as bug fixes and enhancements.

AUGUST 5, 2019Lucky 0.16 has been released!

Lucky v0.16 is a small release with support for Crystal 0.30. Keep an eye out for the next big Lucky release which will be out soon.

JUNE 12, 2019Introducing Lucky 0.15 and a brand new website to go with it.

Lucky v0.15 is a big new release. Brand new class based UI components, lots of bug fixes, and support for Crystal 0.29. We are also releasing a brand new website to go with it.