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MARCH 14, 2023

Announcing the official release of Lucky 1.0.0!

We're excited to finally announce the official release of Lucky 1.0.0! Read more on what this release brings, and a roadmap for what is to come in the future.

We are pleased to announce Lucky is officially 1.0! After a successful RC1 that helped us polish a handful of bugs, the framework is solid, and ready to start planning for the next major 2.0 release in the future. This could not have been done without all of the support and effort from community members that contributed along the way.

We will cover a few notable differences, but you can view all the changes from the CHANGELOG

# How to upgrade


You can also view the changes using LuckyDiff. This tool helps see what has changed between versions and will be included in upgrade notes from now on.

# Here’s what’s new

This release is smaller compared to our regular releases. The main focus has been bug fixes and stability to ensure the 1.0 release felt solid.

# Bug and stability fixes

We had several contributions from developers that fixed bugs ranging from how the Accept headers are handled, to fixes with the server-sent events (SSE) Lucky watcher. These fixes help polish the edges of the framework for many edge cases that appear as your app starts to grow.

A few other notable fixes are

  • Saving records with JSON values that contain null now save properly
  • Some HTML tags have a block variant. You can now create your own custom wrapper that takes a block
  • Association preloads don’t reload already loaded associations, as well as a compilation issue when preloading optional associations
  • Submitting a form with only a file now properly saves
  • More fixes to how Arrays are handled within params

If you happen to find any bugs, please let us know!

# Docker setup

New Lucky apps ship with a default Docker setup allowing you to boot your app for local development in Docker. This setup has been in a few versions, but until this release, it’s required some manual configurations to work.

We spent some time on this setup. Now when you generate a new Lucky app, the generated Dockerfile will be configured for your setup. If you generate an API only app, the Dockerfile no longer needs to install NodeJS.

After generating your new Lucky application, just run docker compose up, and Docker will take care of the rest for you!

# CockroachDB

If you haven’t heard of CockroachDB, it’s “A distributed SQL database designed for speed, scale, and survival”. This amazing database uses a PostgreSQL interface allowing you to connect as if you’re just connecting to Postgres. Since it works just like Postgres, this means we can support it natively with Avram.

This release comes with several fixes for CockroachDB as a few different community members are actively using it. We will continue to make things smoother over time, but give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

# Roadmap

Roadmaps can be difficult to layout, especially with open-source software. Things may change at anytime; however, here’s a small taste of what to expect next with Lucky:

# Native Windows support

We have slowly started ensuring that the entire Lucky ecosystem is available to work on Windows natively. You can follow along with in Issue #1746. If you’re a developer using Windows, we’d love to hear from you.

# Supporting other ORMs

For better support with other ORMs that allow you to choose alternate DBs, we’d love to have a better interface for shard extensions with ORMs. Our goal is to support all of the form helper methods, file uploads, and features Avram gives you within Lucky, in an ORM-agnostic way.

# Better complex queries

Building more complex queries with Avram allowing you to use better casting, common table expressions, dynamic functions and more. This would become a happy medium place between using Lucky’s query objects and dropping down to raw SQL.

# Asset Management

We would like to put some time into keeping our type-safe system for assets, but also make swapping out build tools a lot easier. Lucky will always ship with a reasonable default, but it shouldn’t take you an entire day to swap it for something else.

# Updated CLI UI/UX

One of the most requested features for the CLI is the ability to generate a default application without a DB. This makes sense as our main Lucky website (the one you’re reading now) is a Lucky app without a DB. Doing this will also be a step towards supporting alternate ORMs.

We’re also excited to try out some fancy, command line UI design!

# Parting words

We’re so grateful to the community for all of the help and support in getting to this 1.0 release. Lucky has been used in production for several years now, and has proven that businesses can use it as their main stack. Now with Lucky reaching the 1.0 milestone, we are excited to see where things go for 2.0!

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