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# Create a New Project

To create a new project, run lucky init.

The wizard will walk you through naming your application, as well as giving you a few options to best customize your setup like authentication.

Lucky can generate different types of projects based on your needs such as Full or API based.

# Full

  • Great for server rendered HTML or Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Webpack included
  • Setup to compile CSS and JavaScript
  • Support for rendering HTML


  • Specialized for use with just APIs
  • No webpack
  • No static file serving or public folder
  • No HTML rendering folders

If you’d like to skip the wizard, you can run lucky custom.init my_app. You can pass --api or --no-auth as options. Use the -h flag for more help.

# Start the Server

To start the server and run your project,

  • first change into the directory for your newly created app with cd {project_name}.
  • Then run script/setup to install dependencies
  • and then lucky dev to start the server.

Running lucky dev will use an installed process manager (Overmind, Foreman, etc.) to start the processes defined in By default will start the lucky server, and will start asset compilation not in API mode.

Lucky will look for a number of process managers. So if you prefer Forego and someone else on your team prefers to use Overmind, lucky dev will work for both of you.

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