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#Flash messages

You can show messages using flash. A flash message is a simple String that is passed between two actions. This is used for notifying the user an action was a success or failure. (e.g. “Record was saved successfully”)

#Type safe flash messages

The built in messages types are success, failure and info. Using these will cause compile time errors if you accidentally mistype something. It is recommended to stick to these whenever possible.

# In an action
flash.success = "It worked!"
flash.failure = "That did not work" = "Be cool"

These will be rendered by the flash component in src/components/shared/ The flash component is called from your MainLayout and AuthLayout (found in src/pages/) by the render_flash method.

You can modify the layout or the component to add HTML classes, change where flash is rendered, etc.

#Setting other messages

The built in messages are success, failure and info, but you can use anything you’d like:

flash.set("something_special", "Super spesh")
flash.get("something_special") # => "Super spesh"