Install Required Dependencies

To get Lucky, you need to install these first.

Install Lucky

Once the required dependencies are installed, set up Lucky for your system.

On macOS

If you get an error like this: Package libssl/libcrypto was not found in the pkg-config search path then be sure to run the last step listed above so that Crystal knows where OpenSSL is located.

On Linux

If you needed different steps, please help contribute to this section by editing this page on GitHub.

Start a New Project

To start a new project, run lucky init.

This will start the new project wizard. You can set up the project name, choose API only, and whether you want Lucky to generate authentication for you.

Running a Lucky Project

To start the server and run your project, first change into the directory for your newly created app with cd {project_name}. Then run bin/setup to install dependencies and lucky dev to start the server.

Running lucky dev will use an installed process manager (Overmind, Foreman, etc.) to start the processes defined in By default will start the lucky server, and will start asset compilation.

Lucky will look for a number of process managers. So if you prefer Forego and someone else on your team prefers to use Overmind, lucky dev will work for both of you.

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